Beat Routes – Sounds Magazine Review

The Beat Routes album has been some time coming, but does an excellent job in capturing the variety of styles and feel of those live gigs, giving the whole a fresh and at times progressive feel to the music on offer. ‘The Only One’ has a stately paced drum and descending bass opening that wouldn’t be out of place on a Portishead album, before keyboards and a rather unexpected guitar figure propel the song atmospherically forward. Lyn Acton’s vocal is compelling, as it is throughout the album, both impassioned and pleading. It appears to be an age before the brass arrives, kicking the song on again. The solos add more credence to an excellent opener, setting the scene for what is to come….

Pearl’s Cab Ride- Beat Routes

….Having witnessed the band play several storming live sets prior to hearing this album, I have to admit some concern as to how well the songs would transfer to studio recordings. I shouldn’t have worried- I was suffering from dance induced perspiration just as much after hearing this as I was when seeing them live. ‘Beat Routes’ mission is accomplished with aplomb.